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Designing for longevity, craftsmanship, and authenticity, our timeless outfits are made to outlast seasons. Starting with the creative process done in the headquarters of San Francisco, Dhrupti is designed with a unique vision and only original ideas that exudes elegance, quality, and status. Pieces are executed with extreme details, unique cuts, high-quality finishes, and combines meticulous embroidery that stays true to its ethnic roots of this ancient art. Every imagined detail, from shopping and making direct purchases of fabrics in the charming towns of India, down to using exact colors with our dye matching process, our belief is no detail is too small. Thus that kind of attention and care and quality can only be manufactured in small batches. We dare to only grow at our own pace while never losing the integrity of our designs, style, and quality. In the end, we like to think we are saving the planet by producing less.

When you shop at Dhrupti, you own a piece that is creatively unique, exclusive to you, and created and tailored for your body. And while each item exudes unique elegance and taste, it has a humble background with the hard work and craft behind each sleeve, hem, and fit.

Our mission is to create wearable art that even with its modernity, it possess history and culture - made to the highest standard of quality.

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Dhrupti, LLC
San Francisco, CA


Dhrupti Patel